Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A gorgeous weekend

This past weekend was one of the nicest weather weekends that I can remember. I fished with the Shasta-Trinity flyfishers club during their fishout at Lewiston Lake. I was told the hot fly was the blood worm so I didn't use my old faithful zebra midge. Well, the hot fly was the zebra midge.

I managed to fish 3 sessions: mid-day and evening on Saturday and mid-day on Sunday. On Saturday I hooked 4 fish (1 morning and 3 evening) although it wasn't due to my fishing. The two fish I landed struck when I was reeling in my line to switch rods. However, all the fish caught were large-- 16 inches and larger (picture is my second fish on Saturday). On Sunday I used the indicator / bloodworm combination just above the island at Pine Cove Marina. I had 5 quick hookups with kokanee, but only got one into the net. However, it was a nice fish, about 9 inches (they are small at Lewiston, but fight like half pounders).

I feel refreshed and alive again. The weekend was a good change of pace from work.
Good luck all,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting Organized: A Midge Binder

Lewiston Lake is a midge lake. The fish get large eating small insects. The problem with fishing midges is that there are a lot of variations of colors and sizes that fish will key on. One should (must) have imitations in various sizes, colors, and life stages (at least that is what the Internet articles have stated).

The good news: midge patterns are quick and easy to tie (complicated ones take 2 to three minutes -- uncomplicated ones take about 60 to 90 seconds).

The bad news: they are small and get mixed up in boxes really easily.

The solution: A great idea by Lucas Carroll at provenpatterns.blogspot.com. I binder made with foam board that can hold thousands of flies -- and inexpensive. Unfortunately, all of my stuff is in storage so I had to buy everything -- and, California is more expensive than New York (well, maybe not).

The Costs:

Binder (new) $4.99
3/8" foam board (20 x 30) 2.99
Super Glue (dollar store) 1.00
Cardboard Cutter 3.49
Poster board (dollar store) .50
Straight Edge (dollar store) 1.00

Subtotal 13.97
CA Tax 1.15

TOTAL $15.12

AND: any future binders will be cheaper (less the cardboard cutter and straight edge)

NOW---just have to tie and tie and tie.

Take care,

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm Back

Hello to my one subscriber and anyone else who finds this site. I spent the summer of 2009 fishing Lewiston Lake a couple of evenings a week. I have discovered some of it's secrets and am tying flies like mad to get ready for the upcoming summer. I had a blast in the evenings and released 2 to 15 fish each night (3 hours fishing)

To summarize my new found knowledge: there are large fish in Lewiston Lake -- they feed on midges -- evenings are cool and the fish are active -- instead of matching the hatch when fish are sipping under the surface, stripping a blackberry leech pattern yields great results (one leech = 10,000 midges??).

I have been preparing for the summer and have found some great ideas on the web. Pictures are on their way.

I did fish one day this year already, in mid-March. The midges were hatching but the fish weren't hitting them. In the evening one fish was actively sipping just under the surface. I stripped a sparkle chenille bead head wooly bugger over it's area and it smashed it. It was a beautiful, colorful fish, 16 to 18 inches long, sadly, with many leech marks. I didn't have my net and trying to release it my line broke with the hook still in the mouth of the fish (aarrgghh -- supposedly they hooks fall out in a couple of days).

I look forward to keeping a web journal of my experiences and the fishing on Lewiston Lake -- and starting this summer, in the lakes found in the Trinity Alps. Nothing like a little hiking to get one in shape (and it is cooler in the mountains!!!).

Take Care,