Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It is getting time to get time: To Fish

Well, the flows out of Trinity Lake are ramping up this week until next Tuesday, May 3, when 10,000 cfs will flow through Lewiston Lake and down the Trinity River (well, half of it -- the other half will be shipped over the hill to southern California.

I hear stories about the docks at Pine Cove Marina almost getting washed out a couple of years ago when the release was 8000 cfs. IF there are no problems on the 3rd of May, then the flows will be increased to 11,000 cfs for the following 3 days.

Wow -- looks like all the good vegetation spots in Lewiston Lake may be scoured -- we will see. At least this year I will spend most of my 10 weeks at the Lake, figuring it out again.

BUT, I am getting excited about the California Heritage Trout Challenge. I'm spending time on the Internet trying to figure where to go in northern California. However, it looks like late July and early August will be the times to go because of ALL THE WATER in northern California. Oh well, that just gives me more time to figure out where to go (most people offer me free advice on where to go -- I didn't know that there were so many cities in the US called "Hell").

Take care,