Monday, March 28, 2011

Wow, People are actually Fishing

Thanks to the social networking of the Internet, a person new to fly fishing contacted me about fly fishing at Lewiston Lake. As I'm one who couldn't figure out how to send a text document through Facebook, I'm posting a picture here of a handout I created related to using flies with spinning gear (on the way to learning how to throw out 75 feet of line perfectly straight (which I can't do lol)).

As a note, I've started three business to get me through my retirement: 1) a sports photography business, of which I have no sales; 2) a tennis academy of which I have trained and have become a certified tennis professional, of which I have no sales; and 3) the Lewiston Fly Company, my fly tying business, of which I've sold thirty dollars worth. So, above is a picture of a document that I hope is readable for all who would like to catch more fish with flies while developing long enough casts for lakes. (double-click on the image to enlarge -- then enlarge in your browser and it actually is sort of readable -- my apologies for no cool colors :)

Tight Lines,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Boat is Sinking, My Boat is Sinking

Well, I just got my monthly bill for my trailer "home" near Lewiston Lake. There was a nice note that I need to contact them because my boat is sinking--Sinking I say.

Rain water flows through the storage hatches and collects under the floor. In the past, Craig, the marina jack of all trades, would pump water out for me. This year I set up a sump pump, running off of a 12 volt battery, that is connected to a trickle charger that is plugged into an outdoor electrical outlet.

Evidently, the sump pump isn't working and Craig hasn't been able to help me out by pumping out water. There is nothing I can do until Sunday when I can get over there (something about work, tennis matches through Saturday, and bad weather so I can't get over the mountain. Oh well, I may find my boat sitting on the bottom of the lake when I get there. Bummer. I knew I should store it out of the water but I hoped to head over a couple of weekends this winter and get right out on the water. Perhaps I'm now under water.

Oh well...nothing I can do about it now.